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  • I can't say enough about Nicoticket, even as I type I know what ever I come up with will not do them the justice they so rightly deserve. I have made several purchases in my vape journey both online and in person at B&M's in my neck of the woods.Through all of this I have never experienced the dedication to their customers that Nicoticket strives to achieve everyday on every single order. So much so words like quality, consistency, and personalized service have become synonymous terms with their company.

  • When I first saw a hand written note on one of my packing slips I knew I had run across some pretty special folks. That immediately got my attention, and when I got my order in the mail and tried their product they got my respect. A quality product with a personal touch and at a reasonable price something that is not readily seen these days, and any other vendor will be hard pressed to gain my business afterwards. I would highly recommend Nicoticket to any vaper with little doubt that they will find at the very least one juice they will thoroughly enjoy and will feel completely satisfied with their purchase. This is why I carry their business cards with me at all times, if you want a high end vape without the hefty price tag and enjoy doing business with a company that genuinely cares about their customers you need to try Nicoticket.

  • I've traveled the E liquid world both near and far in the quest for flavors that I could truly enjoy. Simply put, Nicoticket fits the bill. Quality, Unique Flavors and Excellent Customer Service all at a reasonable price. What more could a vaper ask for?

  • I started vaping in October 2013 but it never stuck. Different nic levels, different juice vendors, different batteries and atomizers; nothing worked. I was still smoking 4-5 cigarettes a day and vaping when I couldn't smoke. Fast-forward to the end of March and a dear friend introducing me to Hummingbird by Nicoticket. "Oh my..." *puff puff puff* "Ooooh, this is gooood!" I promptly went home and placed my first order and have been ordering exclusively from Nicoticket ever since. There are so many reasons why I keep coming back: the customer service, being treated like one of the family, the price, but most of all, it's the flavor/quality of the product. It speaks volumes that anything could finally, after 40+ years of smoking, make me lay that pack of cigarettes down and have no desire to pick it up again. Thank you, Kent, Katy and the rest of the Nicoticket family for all you do.

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About us

Founded in June of 2013, our passion for harm-reduction continues to fuel our relentless effort to make traditional combustible cigarettes obsolete. We manufacture and distribute a small line of award-winning eLiquid, the consumable product that is "vaporized" inside of an eCigarette. We craft eLiquid with consistency and integrity - and pair that product with unparalleled levels of customer engagement. (Truth be told, we despise the word customer - you're family to us!) The center-piece of our total value equation is a vibrant, forum-centered, recovery-based community that delivers the kind of support smokers need to be successful. Our 'holistic' efforts at providing a "total harm-reduction solution" is more than just palatable to a "soon-to-be-former-smoker."
To put it in no uncertain terms, you've never experienced anything like Nicoticket - we'll work tirelessly to ensure that you succeed in your personal effort to reduce the chances of becoming one of the nearly half-a-million people who will die prematurely this year as a result of smoking related illness.

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