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A word on vaping technique

eCigarettes are not a perfect nicotine delivery system, but your personal vaping technique can greatly affect the amount of nicotine that is actually delivered.



Here are some quick tips that can help you enjoy the experience of vaping more:

1)     Despite the fact that your eCigarette may look like a cigarette, it’s not a cigarette and it isn’t meant to be “smoked” like one. Honestly, we don't like the term eCigarette - we prefer "Personal Vaporizer" (PV) or "Advanced Personal Vaporizer" (APV) because there are so few similarities between the cigarette smoking and eCigs. 

2)     “Drawing” on an (Advanced) Personal Vaporizer is an art that takes practice. The maximum amount of vapor is produced when air is drawn SLOWLY across the heating element (usually Kanthal or Nichrome wire).  An inexperienced vapor who draws quickly is likely to get poor results.  Patience and practice will net more vapor, more flavor, and more throat hit. 

3)     To inhale, or not? This is clearly a individual preference, but I can contribute my own personal experience. Like most people new to personal vaporizers, I thought the vapor needed to be inhaled in order for the nicotine to be delivered – UNTRUE. The size of the water molecule produced in vapor is as much as 10x larger than the molecule created by the burning plant matter in traditional cigarette smoke.  Vapor will not penetrate nearly as “deep” into your lungs as compared with cigarette smoke. Much better results can be had by holding that billowing cloud of vapor in your mouth for AT LEAST 2 seconds. Consider this – chewing tobacco delivers as much or more nicotine to the bloodstream than a cigarette. How, you ask? Through the soft tissue in your mouth! If you think about that cloud of vapor in your mouth more like chewing tobacco, it may help you understand why inhaling is not necessary. All that aside, most ex-smokers who use eCigarettes inhale vapor at least occasionally because they enjoy the process/feeling/sensation, etc. All well and good – just understand, you aren’t holding it in your lungs because you want better nicotine delivery. Fair enough?

4)     Don’t underestimate the power of your nose! The soft tissue in your nasal cavity is very capable of absorbing nicotine. Aside from that ability, many people who vape say exhaling through the nose is the best way to differentiate the flavor qualities of the various eLiquids they want to “taste.” The sense of smell contributes a great deal to the sense of taste – maximize your experience and exhale SLOWLY through your nose!

5)     Despite the fact there are some fantastic tobacco flavors on the market right now, eLiquid will probably never taste exactly like a cigarette. Unfortunately, a great deal of the taste you have grown accustomed to can be directly attributed to the other carcinogenic compounds contained in analog cigarette smoke.  Most new people are looking for something comparable to a cigarette.  We challenge you to explore the options.  At present, we haven't found a single tobacco blend that really simulates the true cigarette experience.  That said, tobacco eLiquids are definitely worth a try - and many find them to be a great alternative to traditional cigarettes!  Be adventurous!  Try something new, something different - you may just be surprised how much you enjoy vaping a Cinnamon Danish! ;)


(DISCLAIMER) It is presently illegal and unethical for us to market eCigarettes, eLiquid, or eJuice as a smoking cessation device or method.  This article is born of personal experience and personal research, and should be treated as such.