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Beginners Guide to eCigarettes

One of the most intimdating factors that prevent people from switching from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes (eCigs) is a lack of information. What is it? How does it work? What do I need to start? The information contained below is our humble attempt to answer those questions.

How an electronic cigarette works…


First, we don't like the photo above - it implies that eCigs that look like cigarettes are a good place to start.  We employ it in this case because it's a good basic diagram that illustrates basic eCigarette funcationality, "cigalikes" tend to be underwhelming and unsatisfying for most new vapers.  Visit us on ECF for a better alternative!

eCigs use rechargeable lithium ion batteries and a replaceable/refillable cartridge filled with “eLiquid” or “eJuice.” eLiquid and eJuice are interchangeable terms that refer to a liquid consisting of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and (typically) nicotine. The process and experience is very similar to a cigarette in the respect that one draws on the eCig (takes a drag, or a puff)... but, that's where the similarites end.  The heater (atomizer) vaporizes the liquid, and then the vapor is dispensed to the user producing a sensation that is not unlike the act of smoking (but, it’s not smoke, it’s vapor!) So, it’s similar in many ways to a regular cigarette except it does NOT involve the combustion of plant matter.  This is a prudent time to mention - if you are looking for an eLiquid that tastes like a real cigarette - stop looking... it doesn't exist.  The vapor produced by eCigs has been shown to dissipate in less than 10 seconds. By comparison, cigarette smoke can take several minutes to dissipate.

Yes - there are TONS of choices, and it will take some significant amount of experimentation to find out what works for you.  The good news is, we're here to help.  We very much encourage you to register on the the, post (5) messages in the new member area, and then visit us in our dedicated ECF forum.  There you will find a group of experienced eCigarette users that were once where you are... and are willing to help you take the next step in finding an alternative to traditional "analog" cigarettes!

Below are a couple videos products by industry pundits that are geared towards the new vaper.  We encourage you to view both videos and not get discouraged by the wealth of information that is out on the web about various eCig devices and brands of eLiquid. 




(DISCLAIMER) It is presently illegal and unethical for us to market eCigarettes, eLiquid, or eJuice as a smoking cessation device or method.  This article is born of personal experience and personal research, and should be treated as such.