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Custard's Last Stand

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Depart from average and embark on extraordinary.  Everyone we hand it to - loves it.  The next question is usually "Where can I get it?"  No flowery description required: it's thick; it’s creamy; it’s decadent; it’s vanilla custard.  This liquid contains generous amounts of our famous in-house vanilla bean extract.  Some believe it's better than Grant's Vanilla Custard (GVC) - no, I'm not kidding.  We like to think of it as "GVC for the American palate."  CLS is less "egg'ish" and more "vanilla'ish" (due to the inclusion of our legendary vanilla extract), but, the 'eggy' notes are still very much present and accounted for.  It's as close to an all day vape as we have ever experienced - truth be told, it's hard to put it down.  WARNING: This product has been scientifically proven to be highly addictive and cause reorders.


*PG/VG Ratio = 50/50 

* "Near-Zero" (nicotine not added intentionally) is executed in MAXVG (approx 20/80) - mix NZ with 6/12/18 to achieve high VG blends!  EXAMPLE: 30ml of NZ + 15ml of 18mg = 45ml of "Extremely High VG 6mg" (including flavor boost!)  Consult with us for details on ratios to achieve your desired PG/VG ratio and nic level!

* Like all of our liquid, CLS is adequately pre-steeped (2-6 weeks minimum).  Most can hit CLS fresh out of the mailbox and enjoy it, but I prefer to steep it a minimum of 10-14 days.  The more, the better.  Bottles continue to improve with up to THREE MONTHS of steep time!  Once it does hit for you, do yourself a favor and order up 2 or 3 50ml bottles so you can always have well steeped liquid in your dripper!

* CLS is the definition of an all-day every-day vape

* Slightly muted in clearomizers (Protank, Protank 2, Kanger T3S, CE4) - this is very typical of clearomizers, however, it is a fantastic vape with simple "beginner" equipment. (This is the primary reason why this is our best seller!)  Reported to vape really well in the Mini-Protank 2.  This is a killer vape in a Aspire Nautilus with BVC coils - maybe even better than a Kayfun?

* Clear enough for a carto w/ or without a tank, performed well in a two punched BOGE510SR (Prive Tanked, 65/35).  Carto lasted 3.5 weeks - I actually wanted to change the flavor out before it the carto started tasting funky.

* Extensively tested on 500mesh (RSST) - Heaven in a tank.  Yummy.  We personally prefer "auto-drip" cotton/micro-coil builds on Genesis style devices - YMMV.

* Kayfun Lite Plus/Russian 91%/Orchid/Fogger friendly - especially the Fogger.  Generous clouds and delicious flavor - very build dependent. 

* Extremely High Wattage/High Voltage friendly, but the sweet spot is approx 9-9.5w.  This liquid is extremely hard to overheat - one user vaped this at 88w with intense flavor, no burning.  Varied feedback about the results of high voltage - some taste more custard, some taste more vanilla.  For high wattage vaping - make sure you have adequate airflow!

* Best results will be obtained in a dripper - builds south of .5ohms!  Please, if you build this low, know the limitations of your device and practice good battery safety!

* Mixes well with a wide variety of bakery style vapes, fruits, and tobaccos from any and all vendors.  I use it to doctor up my unmentionables from the "taste is subjective" shoebox of shame. 

* Definitely try "Naki's Blend" - 50% Custard's last Stand + 50% Creme Brulee... the regulars swear by it! (Order Both and Mix-It-Yourself!)


 *Nicoticket LLC is committed to ensuring our "family" - past, present, and prospective - understand the inhalation risks associated with vaping specific types of flavors.  All liquid containing "custard notes" from ALL VENDORS (including Nicoticket LLC) contain some combination of Diacetyl, Acetoin, and/or Acytyl Propionyl (collectively known as "diketones").  This liquid does *not* contain Diacetyl, but it *does* contain Acetoin, Acytyl Propionyl; or both.  It is *impossible* to produce the "rich, creamy, decadent, full-mouth experience" in eLiquid without diketones.  Such is life - everything that tastes good is bad for you.  Potential users are advised that there may be reason for pause due to an absence of longitudinal research which can provide adequate guidance with regard to the relative safety of inhaling eLiquid containing diketones.  As with all eLiquid regardless of the types of flavoring used, the user accepts the all liability and risk associated with vaping.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE VAPING.  Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.


Custard's Last Stand by nicoticket.com is 100% sourced and manufactured in the United States of America.


Nicoticket eLiquid Ingredients:

  • USP Grade Kosher Certified Propylene Glycol (PG)
  • USP Grade Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin (VG)
  • FEMA & GRAS approved, diacetyl free, natural and artificial flavoring*
  • 99.7% pure nicotine processed in the United States from US grown tobacco



  Husker eCigs, Plumes, 402 Vape, Vanilla Custard, Omaha, Norfolk, Crete, Seward, Nebraska, Columbus, Fremont


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Hand Crafted in Omaha, NE (USA)

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  1. Just didn't do it for me

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2014

    I originally bought a bottle almost a year ago and it was OK. Thinking that I had a bad batch I purchased another 30 mil bottle and it was the same. The flavors were quite light, I was barely able to taste the custard. I let it steeped for months and same outcome, a friend was getting into vaping and I handed it over and he just could not get enough of it. He vapes all of it within a few days. Needless to say he wants more. NT, great owner/customer service

  2. Just stellar!!

    Posted by kh888 on 14th Sep 2014

    I have been vaping for quite some time and have sampled a variety of flavors and vendors over the year. Some okay, some pretty awful.

    When I first found Nicoticket, I was amazed at the quality and customer service. Great, great products and stellar service. Yes, I am now a bit of a fan girl, but it is completely well deserved.

    So, Custard's Last Stand...It is my go to, to which all other liquids are measured, all day vape. It is smooth, creamy and really full-bodied. If you like desserts, start here and save yourself a bunch of headaches with trial and error. It is really that good.

    If there was only one liquid on the planet and it was CLS (Custard's Last Stand), I would be happy. I do love Nicoticket flavors in general, but CLS...yes, that is where it is at for me. Try some...you will not be disappointed.

  3. CLS

    Posted by daniel b on 12th Sep 2014

    I forgot to write I dripped it a little @ .19 on a plum veil, and 1.6ohm 5.7v on a fogger v4 and the fogger was the best for me personally couldn't beat the flavoror thanks


    Posted by Danie Bazan on 12th Sep 2014

    I've started out vaping a little over a year ago and have searched and searched for a good vanilla custard and I found one a few months back but it seemed like there was a few different people mixing it cause it would change flavors seemedlike everyother batch so I bit the bbullet and ordered 60 ml of cls and I admit it was very hard to not just crack the bottle open and start vaping it right when I received it in the mail I let it sit already for 10 since it was born and I have never tasted a more creamy delicious vape to this day custard wise the crew at nicoticket has just gained another customer for as long as they keep mixing it up now I have to order 3 or 4 50ml bottles so I can always have some steeped while im vaping the creamy goodness


  5. All Day Vape!

    Posted by Steve Whitman on 11th Sep 2014

    I've tried every Vanilla custard I can get my hands on, including the big names like GVC & BWC. This blows every other Custard out of the game! Smooth Vanilla flavor, warm Custard on the exhale; love it! Very consistent from order to order. The only thing that is going to change the flavor is steep time (if you can let it be, knowing it's in the cupboard that is). Definitely recommend a month steep, and keep enough in stock to never run out! Try mixed with a little bit of Frenilla or Creme Brulé for an awesome variation. Vaped on Kayfun Lite+ v2 built at 1.3 ohms @ 4 volts. Heaven in a bottle.

  6. Best Custard To Date

    Posted by Robert on 10th Sep 2014

    Just wanted to be add to the list of lovers of CLS. Too many times I've vaped someones amazing custard and have been disappointed.
    After 1 month I'm getting a sweet vanilla inhale with a hint of custard. This makes you wonder if you might have gotten the wrong flavor. Then comes the exhale. This is where the custard shines in this juice. The vanilla has not left the flavor profile but the custard rolls over your taste buds. I hate an eggy custard and this is not one of those. Its like the vanilla keeps that egg at bay while still giving a full flavor of custard. Full exhale through the nose gives no burning or unwanted after effects. This goes to the quality of the liquid. I can only imagine what it will be like with more steep time.
    I vape at 6mg so I wasn't looking for a throat hit but i do get a light thump when i take a full inhale. I believe this is a combo of quality flavor and nic in the juice. If needing a strong throat hit, a higher nic level will meet your needs. This is only speculation of course so personal preference will come into play here.
    When it comes to vapor production I get plenty of vapor but not the dense vapor some max vg will give you. Don't get me wrong, with the right build you can definitely chuck the clouds. I just didn't get CLS for the vapor so this isn't an issue for me at all.
    While the flavor is strong, it isn't too strong to avoid making it your ADV. The more i vape this juice the more i like it.
    Equipment used was a vanilla mod, tobe atty, and nano dragon coil build. Also used this with the nautilus with the BVC coils, so i could drive and not kill anyone, and got the same great flavor.

  7. Love this juice

    Posted by Corey on 4th Sep 2014

    This is a wonderful vanilla custard. I have been searching high and low for a good vanilla and have finally found it! Thank you so much. And by the way I really appreciate the top notch customer service your company offers. You guys are a real class act. Will be doing business again.

  8. custard.

    Posted by Nicole on 4th Sep 2014

    tried a number of custard vapes and find this one closest to actual custard - not overly sweet and with the discernible "eggy" note that distinguishes custard from, say, vanilla sauce.

  9. VERY Pleased!!!

    Posted by Stephanie on 1st Sep 2014

    Read allot about this flavor before I ordered it... For once the reviews actually paid off.. This one is spot on if your looking for a sweet smooth vanilla custard. I didn't have to steep this one. Vaped it the day it arrived and haven't stopped. This one is now in my top five ADV's for sure.

  10. Good Product,,Great People

    Posted by cody yeager on 29th Aug 2014

    Hey I am very impressed with this juice got 50ml I don't know maybe a week and a half ago...it's almost gone. It just keeps getting better with age too. That's no surprise though the product stands for itself just read any forum out there. I am active duty and I appreciate their great customer service and they even gave a little thanks (I should say a lot of thanks!,,,upgraded my 30ml creme brulee to a 50 and topped off both my bottles) for my service. Which is something you don't ever have to do but it feels good and is rarity in this country anymore. Shipping was quick considering it is made to order. Just all around above and beyond. Customer for life. Thank you guys!

  11. Very good

    Posted by dillon campbell on 29th Aug 2014

    Very good flavor no complaints

  12. eh.....

    Posted by Zac in the box on 26th Aug 2014

    Tried this out of the mailbox, not bad. Let it steep for 7 days, Eh....... Added some of GCD and BAM!!!!! Magic in the making! GCD makes everything better! Try it.

  13. Great Vape!

    Posted by Karen on 24th Aug 2014

    CLS didn't disappoint! It has a great smooth flavor! Definite all day vape! The only bad part is, I can't stop vaping to allow the flavor to steep. I'll purchase again for sure!

  14. Will be ordering more.

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Aug 2014

    Love it will be buying more and in larger quantities.

  15. Better Than Good

    Posted by Augmented Dog on 24th Aug 2014

    This is one of those NT flavors that is on my permanent re-order list. That means I can't let my supply get to the point where I'll run out before a new bottle is steeped and ready to vape.

  16. So in love

    Posted by David STrain - The Vape Nutt on 22nd Aug 2014

    Ok I have tried almost every Vanilla Custard out there. This has so much flavor and consistency. It makes wherever I am smell like warm caramel candy. The spice is just right and the vanilla is warm and creamy but not too much. The smell right out of the package is divine. I will be a customer for life. You can not go wrong with this purchase. It is spot on... even without steep but I do recommend a 2 month steep.

  17. God's Gift To Vapers

    Posted by Cnrd on 22nd Aug 2014

    CLS is the juice that was prophesied in The Holy Bible. This has been my all-day vape for almost a year now, and I'm certain I'll continue enjoying this flavor until the apocalypse.

  18. best vanilla hands down.

    Posted by Braveheart on 21st Aug 2014

    If there is a better vanilla custard on the market I haven't found it. I'm a bit of a vanilla nut in the first place and have found a fair number of satisfying vanilla e juices but CLS is hands down my favorite. I had to put down my 30ml bottle because I vaped most of it in the first two days after it arrived.

  19. Wow

    Posted by Peter on 21st Aug 2014

    Excellent juice. Not much more to say. Very subtle sweet, soft flavor on the exhale. Lots of vanilla, but blended in with a bit of that eggy custard taste. Honestly no complaints out of this one. Could be my new ADV. Tastes like the real thing, almost vanilla wafer in milk-esque. Kayfun 3.1 at 1.8 ohm 7.5 watts. 10/10

  20. The Best Custard EVER

    Posted by David Strain - Vape Nutt on 20th Aug 2014

    I've tried many custards and by far this is the best custard I have ever had. I truly believe I have found my home for custard eliquid.

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