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Custom Bottle Requests, Variable PG/VG Ratios, Flavor Shots, and other ramblings!



CUSTOM BOTTLE REQUESTS: Effective on 2/12/2014 - ALL custom bottle requests (variable PG/VG ratios, "flavor shots" or "flavor boosts," custom nicotine levels, and custom flavors) can no longer be offered.  If it's not on the website, it's not available.  It was a choice between delivering "pre-steeped ready to vape liquid" or "fresh made-to-order liquid that required substantial steeping" - we chose the former, not the latter!  We applogize for the inconvenience - we've come to the conclusion that it's in everyone's best interest if we put our best-foot-forward on every bottle as opposed to attempting to reinvent the wheel every time and "be everything to everyone."


PG Sensitive?:  All PG is not created equal.  90%+ of the people who come to us with "self-diagnosed" OR "other vaper diagnosed" PG sensitivies have little or no reaction to the PG content in our liquid.  Obviously if you are diagnosed by a physician, or, you have done sufficient testing across a wide variety of quality vendors - you know your tolerance for PG better than we ever will... BUT, for the vast majority of people - We're convinced they are allergic to "cheap PG" - not PG in general.  We can pay as little as $200 for a 55 gallon barrel of PG, or, we can pay nearly 5x that.  We spend the extra money on quality ingredients because the quality of the end product is worth the extra expense. Before you write off our liquid because of PG content - try a small bottle (or, sneak a vape from a friend!)... in our experience, most people will be pleasantly surprised that thier PG allergies and sensitivities spontaneous resolve.



Cloud Chasing?  Prefer higher VG liquid?  As a general rule, the Fruit vapes are 65/35 (PG/VG) - the fruit requires additional PG to make the flavor 'pop'.  Why?  Fruit flavors have a tendency to attract newer vapers that are typically using some form of clearomizer - 65/35 wicks better in clearomizers as compared to thicker liquid (fewer "dry hits")  In addition to the fruits (Betelgeuse and Gravity) - our only "black label" tobacco offering, The Virus, is also 65/35.  All of our bakery style vapes (IE, everything except Betelgeuse, Gravity, and The Virus) is 50/50 PG/VG.  Only the most discerning cloud chaser can tell the difference between our 50/50 liquid and what most vendors tout as "MAXVG."  Typically MAXVG blends are at or about 20/80 PG/VG - vapor production between 50% and 80% is subject to diminishing returns - the additional VG results in a significiant loss of flavor while yielding only modest gains in vapor production.  While you may not take our liquid to a cloud competition, most (if not all) vapers are surprised by balance we have struck between flavor, vapor production, and throat hit!  We would challenge you to try it - you're going to be pleasantly surprised!