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Custard's Last Stand (50/50)


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Our Best-Selling Vanilla Custard

Custard's Last Stand, affectionately known as 'CLS', is the liquid that made us famous.  Everyone we hand it to, loves it.  The next question is usually "Where can I get it?"  No flowery description required: it’s thick; it’s creamy; it’s decadent; it’s vanilla custard.  Despite the 'no frills' presentation (IE, no additional 'twists' in the flavor profile) - our rendition of "straight up vanilla custard" is deviously complex.  It’s as close to an all day vape as we have ever experienced – truth be told, it’s hard to put it down.

WARNING: This product has been proven to be highly tasty and cause reorders.

* PG/VG Ratio = 50/50

Recommended Steep Time: All Nicoticket eLiquid is adequately pre-steeped so it is suitable for vaping when it arrives in your mailbox. That said, this is a custard and it will continue to 'balance' over a period of 90-120 days from the mix date.  Over time the vanilla becomes more intense, and the liquid becomes less sweet.  Please consult the mix date on your bottle and adjust your consumption accordingly - most people have a 'sweet spot' where they like it best.


1st - 2013 Best Of ECF Bakery



Helpful reminder: Check LEAD TIME GUIDANCE before you order!~

Steeping: Don't know how to determine when your liquid was mixed?  CLICK HERE

Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.


 If you purchase a 30ml or 60ml bottle, they don't come with a dropper - don't forget your 30ml Unicorn Bottles so you can just 'pour' the liquid into an easy to use LDPE bottle!!


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Hand Crafted in Omaha, NE (USA)

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  1. Simply the best

    Posted by Don on 1st Oct 2015

    This one beats them all, even better than Grants in my opinion. Rich, creamy, and the tastiest vanilla around. Too bad I had to try Absolute Creme Brûlée and nock this outstanding juice off my top shelf!

  2. Every day vape

    Posted by Bryan Holcomb on 1st Oct 2015

    My favorite vape

  3. CLS Really, Really Grew On Me.

    Posted by Saibot, N00b on 1st Oct 2015

    When I first ordered CLS, I was really excited to try it. I was searching for the perfect vanilla custard and CLS had an incredible amount of hype behind it. When I tried it, however, I was disappointed. So, I put it away to steep for 4 - 5 months and all but forgot about it, only to discover upon my return to it that it had transformed into one of the most amazing e-juice flavors on the planet. To this day, I've never experienced another eLiquid that benefited more from a thorough steeping period. As soon as CLS goes on sale as the FOTW, you better believe I am stocking up!

  4. Not what expected...

    Posted by mark on 26th Sep 2015

    Taste is subjective, and this was far to sweet for my taste, and due to this will gunk up your coils. Didn't really get a true custard taste from this one as I due with Charle Nobles.

  5. CLS all day long

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2015

    Smooth and delicious...I never want to stop

  6. Perfection!

    Posted by Katie S. on 17th Sep 2015

    I'm so happy I ordered the 60 ml. bottle of CLS. This is the best Custard I've tried in my +2 years of vaping. It is sweet, creamy & just perfect for an ADV. Another winner! Highly recommend adding this 1 to your collections.

  7. Great everyday vape!

    Posted by daniel snodgrass on 16th Sep 2015

    Nice light, but not too light, flavor for vaping everyday.


    Posted by Brent Palmer Colorado on 15th Sep 2015

    So first off I would like to say that this flavor is amazing. I constantly keep a stock of it in the collection. It has a rich creamy vanilla flavor that is not too light and not too bold. It's just right. It's a must try if you have not already experienced it. Trust me just buy it and you will thank me later.

  9. Milky Vanilla Custard

    Posted by James Hopkins on 9th Sep 2015

    Tools: Istick 50w, Evic VT, Kanger Subtank 1.0 ohm. Tugboat V2 0.6 ohm
    Smell: Strong creamy, vanilla and eggy custard like smell.
    Exhale: A milky and eggy, smooth vanilla custard flavour.
    Aftertaste: Very muted custard taste. No clingy or syrupy aftertaste.
    Overall: I'm not a big custard or dessert vape fan generally but this stuff is very solid. It has similarities to Nicotickets Frenilla (which I believe is the base for most of Nicotickets creamy vapes) but the vanilla isn't as strong and the 'eggyness' is more apparent with the overall flavour being a little more muted but consequently smoother and easier to vape over a long period.
    Initially, fresh out of the bottle, I found the smell quite pungent, which I wasn't keen on, but over a few months it's settled right down and the flavour has come together well.
    It's difficult for me to compare this to other custards as I simply haven't tried many but I may come back to this for a better comparison latter on once I have but for now I can still easily say this good quality stuff and I'll easily be able to get through the whole bottle though I recommend this at higher watts as the heat makes a big difference in helping the flavours come out. At low watts the flavours are way too subtle for me to recommend it so I wouldn't bother getting it for ego stick on a 1.8 coil unless you're big on your custards and have sensitive buds.


    Posted by Daniel Trespalacios on 8th Sep 2015

    its been almost 6 months now and i can’t put this flavor down its my adv

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