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French Vanilla - seemingly simple, yet remarkably complex.  Frenilla is widely considered to be the best "straight-up vanilla" on the market.  This liquid is notable because it employs a significantly higher % of vanilla extract as compared to our other (admittedly more famous) vanilla products.  It's also notable that the vanilla employed in Frenilla is steeped TWICE AS LONG as the vanilla in our other vanilla products.  The combination of a longer steep paired with a higher % of flavoring results in the richest, most intense, and most flavorful vanilla eLiquid we offer - more "pure vanilla flavor" than Custard's Last Stand or Creme Brulee by a wide margin.

This is an extremely versatile liquid - not only does it mix exceptionally well with virtually everything, it's exceptionally difficult to scorch.  This is HIGH WATTAGE FRIENDLY - TURN UP THE HEAT. 


* PG/VG Ratio = 50/50

Recommended Steep Time: ALL Nicoticket eLiquid is adequately pre-steeped so it is suitable for vaping when it arrives at your door.  That said, Frenilla will continue to mature and evolve for 6 months or more after the mix date. 


Helpful reminder: Check LEAD TIME GUIDANCE before you order!~

Steeping: Don't know how to determine when your liquid was mixed?  CLICK HERE

Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.

 If you purchase a 30ml or 60ml bottle, they don't come with a dropper - don't forget your 30ml Unicorn Bottles so you can just 'pour' the liquid into an easy to use LDPE bottle!!




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    Frenilla from Nicoticket. A review of this beautiful ejuice!

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  1. great alone or mixed

    Posted by RAR on 6th Feb 2016

    love this juice alone or added to otehr favorites

  2. All day

    Posted by Eric Nelson on 1st Feb 2016

    This is the first Nicoticket juice I got and love it right away. I loved it so much that after a while it got pretty bland. I think I just over used it. Now I put a little bit of it in The Cure. Milk chocolate goodness!

  3. My 2nd favorite!

    Posted by Donna on 31st Jan 2016

    I love custards and dessert ejuice. Im a flavor whore and i got this as a sample on my firdt purchase here and I wish i have could have gotten a bigger bottle because i was able to finish the sample bottle in 1 day. Im craving for more! I can really taste the vanilla, it smells so good. I love it!

  4. MY 3rd FAVORITE

    Posted by JEANNE on 29th Jan 2016

    Of the 3 cream/custard's I've tried, this is my 3rd fave, with CLS being the 1st and Creme Brûlée, the 2nd. They are similar but not the same. I love them all so it's hard to choose just one. I recommend getting all 3. Frenilla is thinner than the other 2, smells more like vanilla extract so mixes wonderfully with harsher juices that need toning down. I like it alone and to mix so it's a keeper.

  5. Thin

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jan 2016

    Needs more VG maybe? Same aftertaste as creme brûlée. Disappointed

  6. pretty good

    Posted by Trish on 21st Jan 2016

    I wanted something less custardy than CLS. This is my ADV. I was hoping it didn't have Diketones, because I thought that came with the custardy ones. That's the only reason for 4stars instead of 5.

  7. Ice Cream

    Posted by michael on 15th Dec 2015

    French Vanilla is my favorite ice cream & this is a great tasting vape. I personally prefer a little more vanilla but no complaints.

  8. Best vanilla out there

    Posted by Emily Sherwood on 11th Dec 2015

    I received my order quickly. I am always on the search for the best vanilla juice available. I have tried many and Frenilla always comes in first! Great price, especially when they offer specials, and a clean flavor of vanilla. I use it all day, everyday. Easy on coils, strong vanilla taste, great in vv/vw and temp. tanks. It is sweet . ,I like it that way. Highly recommend it and Nickoticket over all.

  9. Love the 50/50 Frenilla!

    Posted by Katie on 10th Dec 2015

    I've been vaping since I quit smoking cigarettes in May of 2013. I've tried liquids/flavors from about five different companies. Knowing that you get what you pay for, I decided to Google "premium liquids." NicoTicket came up in the list, and my eye was immediately drawn to this company for it's BOGO offer. I figured how could I go wrong? After reading positive reviews, I made my first purchase and will buy again. The personalized, handwritten "Thank You" on my shipping receipt from Tyler was a nice touch. NIcoTicket proves that REAL customer service does still exist in society!

  10. My Favorite E-Juice

    Posted by David Windsor on 10th Dec 2015

    There isn't much to say about this e-juice aside from this: it's simply the best, tastiest, richest, most beautiful vanilla e-liquid on the market today. It's steeped for a long time, usually close to a year, before reaching your doorstep. The only downside is that, due to the long pre-steeping time, Nicoticket sometimes runs out of Frenilla. I absolutely love this flavor, and Nicoticket. I've only been a customer for a few months, and yet they send me free e-juice with every order! Nicoticket's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is a breath of fresh air in today's world of indifferent vendors. Thanks so much, guys!

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