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French Vanilla - seemingly simple, yet remarkably complex.  Frenilla is widely considered to be the best "straight-up vanilla" on the market.  This liquid is notable because it employs a significantly higher % of vanilla extract as compared to our other (admittedly more famous) vanilla products.  It's also notable that the vanilla employed in Frenilla is steeped TWICE AS LONG as the vanilla in our other vanilla products.  The combination of a longer steep paired with a higher % of flavoring results in the richest, most intense, and most flavorful vanilla eLiquid we offer - more "pure vanilla flavor" than Custard's Last Stand or Creme Brulee by a wide margin.

This is an extremely versatile liquid - not only does it mix exceptionally well with virtually everything, it's exceptionally difficult to scorch.  This is HIGH WATTAGE FRIENDLY - TURN UP THE HEAT. 

* PG/VG Ratio = 50/50

Recommended Steep Time: ALL Nicoticket eLiquid is adequately pre-steeped so it is suitable for vaping when it arrives at your door.  That said, Frenilla will continue to mature and evolve for 6 months or more after the mix date. 


Helpful reminder: Check LEAD TIME GUIDANCE before you order!~

Steeping: Don't know how to determine when your liquid was mixed?  CLICK HERE

Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.

 If you purchase a 30ml or 60ml bottle, they don't come with a dropper - don't forget your 30ml Unicorn Bottles so you can just 'pour' the liquid into an easy to use LDPE bottle!!



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    Frenilla from Nicoticket. A review of this beautiful ejuice!

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  1. I just can't get enough

    Posted by N00b Saibot on 1st Oct 2015

    Frenilla has emerged as one of my absolute favorite eLiquids on the market (only behind the legendary Virus, H1N1). I make sure I always have at least 2 - 3 60ml bottles of it at all times, it's that good. I tend to get tired of flavors rather quickly; there are only a couple of eLiquid flavors that are exempt from that rule. Frenilla is unquestionably one of them. It is light, aromatic and incredibly smooth. I never, ever get tired of vaping it. It truly does mix well with *everything* btw.

  2. Beautifully delicate

    Posted by Martin Sheppard on 19th Sep 2015

    French vanilla all the way. After taste notes are of caramel cream and vanilla. Nice one Clark!

  3. Vanilla plus!

    Posted by Martin Sheppard on 14th Sep 2015

    Beautifully flavoured vape, straight from the letterbox was an incredibly beautiful vanilla taste. Can't wait for it to age gracefully.

  4. Premium French Vanilla

    Posted by James Hopkins on 9th Sep 2015

    Tools: Istick 50w, Kanger Subtank 1.0 ohm.
    Smell: Strong vanilla / custard like smell. Also I pick up something that smells a little of raisins or sultanas.
    Exhale: Thick french vanilla flavour possibly with a bit of nutmeg (though I might be imagining that bit).
    Aftertaste: Very creamy with some of that french vanilla / custardy flavour.
    Overall: Tastes almost identical to a vanilla custard tart but without the pastry. The vanilla is very strong, creamy and smooth tasting with potent sweet notes. It's definitely the best vanilla flavour I've tasted though, with it being a french vanilla, it has a slightly different taste to a vanilla pods vanilla, which it should.
    On a vanilla custard tart you typically get a bit of nutmeg, or at least I have on the ones I've tried, and it does taste to me like I'm picking a bit of that up though it may just be in my head from me associating the taste with eating one of those tarts.
    I find, as with most creamy vapes, if you knock up the watts the flavour turns into a much more creamy one, though on my 1.0 ohm head I prefer it at about 17 watts / 4.1 where the sweeter vanilla elements are more distinguishable.
    For quality this gets a 10 (though that's basically the same for all the Nicoticket juices I've tried). I'm just giving it a 9 as I'm not majorly into creamy or vanilla type vapes but despite that this still easily gets high marks from me so if you are into your french vanilla or even just anything creamy, like custards, I can't see how you'd feel anything other than massive enjoyment from vaping this.
    Just for your information I've steeped this for around 2 months.

  5. Lovely!!

    Posted by Rachael on 28th Aug 2015

    This I'd my first purchase from Nicoticket and I'm most impressed. Absolutely my new favourite. Vapes beautifully at high wattage, producing rich, full flavour. Finally a juice that lives up to it's description.

  6. sweet mixer or all alone

    Posted by Carl Rood on 17th Aug 2015

    This is a favorite especially with tobacco flavors

  7. Just Became My All Day Vape!

    Posted by Daniel on 11th Aug 2015

    I ordered the 12mg version and is incredible! This is how vanilla should be. It is very smooth and tastes great enough to vape all day. Great work guys, I will be ordering this from now on.

  8. Frenilla

    Posted by Ian on 10th Aug 2015

    This juice tastes great vapes great the only issue is my own inexperience i ordered 12 mg nic and when i drip it its harsh i wish i would have ordered 6 mg i just started dripping oh well live and learn

  9. Great vanilla!

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2015

    Very creamy rich vanilla taste burns well smells and taste great!

  10. Great Vanilla Flavor!

    Posted by Gary on 6th Aug 2015

    I keep this in one of my spare tanks and vape daily, although Strawnilla is my flavor of choice. All the vanilla flavors are excellent!

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