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NOTICE: At present we are in the middle of a transition from LDPE plastic bottles to Amber Brown Glass.  There is a very limited quantity of overfilled 15ml and 30ml LDPE plastic bottles remaining.  All orders will be filled with overfilled LDPE plastic bottles first if there is remaining stock of plastic bottles. Unfortunately we can not honor requests for a specific bottle type due to strict inventory controls.


We will continue to overfill the new glass bottles like we always have!  The new 15ml glass bottles come with a "dropper." The new 30ml and 60ml glass bottles do NOT come with a dropper.  We have an order placed for 20/400 droppers that fit the new 30ml and 60ml glass bottles - we intend to sell the droppers for the 30ml and 60ml glass bottles À la carte (AT COST!) - BUT - they are not in stock yet because they are back-ordered!  In the interim, you may need to secure a pipette or a blunt tipped syringe in order to dispense liquid from the 30ml and 60ml bottles.  Also, for those of you that are in love with the old LDPE plastic bottles - we will be loading stock of 15ml LDPE plastic bottles with regular tips and caps soon!

Thank you for your patience while we work through this transition!


(In order to find mix date subtract ONE year from the EXPIRATION date. i.e. an expiration date of 12/5/15 means it was mixed on 12/5/14)


Frenilla is the direct result of customer requests to carry a top quality French Vanilla flavor.  Unlike Philadelphia-style vanilla, Frenilla captures the rich, decadent, complex flavors of the a traditional French Vanilla that is produced with an egg custard base.  This is a *deep steep* - do not purchase with the expectation that it's going to taste like it should when it arrives on your doorstep (unless more than 30 days have elapsed from the mix date above).


*50/50 PG/VG

*Frenilla contains more of our in house vanilla bean steep than any of our other Vanilla offerings.  (Custards Last Stand, Creme Brulee). 

*It's the "tail end" of the steep - anything we have left after making CLS/CB/H1N1 for 30 days goes into Frenilla when the next vanilla-bean steep matures.

*Although it vapes plenty good fresh out of the box, many users prefer to let this one steep 3-4 weeks so that a "creamy" texture emerges.  If I had this in the order, I would probably save the best for last.  NOTE: 30 Days from Mix Date steep time is the MINIMUM reccomendation.  Most customers purchase 120-180ml to vape for 90 days, and another 120-180ml to steep until the next batch arrives!

 * Huge ADV potential.

* Slightly muted in clearomizers (Protank, Protank 2, Kanger T3S, CE4) - typical clearo performance - still a fantastic vape with simple equipment. 

 * Clear enough for a carto w/ or without a tank.  Tasted great in a two punched BOGE510SR (Prive Tanked, 50/50). 

* Extensively tested on 500mesh (RSST) - also cotton genny build (Richman Hybrid). 

* Highly variable with regard to a wattage sweet spot - highly dependant on the device you are using and/or your personal taste. 

* High wattage friendly - hard to "scorch."

* Easily the best "mixing" liquid on my line-up.  Mixes well with a wide variety of bakery style vapes, fruits, and tobaccos.  Mixes particularly well with RY4 style tobaccos. Mixes very well with chocolate vapes.  Got Cookie?


Questions about this liquid?  Need build advice?  Thoughts? Feedback?  Visit our "Hit it or Quit it" thread on ECF!


 *Nicoticket LLC is committed to ensuring our "family" - past, present, and prospective - understand the inhalation risks associated with vaping specific types of flavors.  All liquid containing "custard notes" from ALL VENDORS (including Nicoticket LLC) contain some combination of Diacetyl, Acetoin, and/or Acytyl Propionyl (collectively known as "diketones").  This liquid does *not* contain Diacetyl, but it *does* contain Acetoin, Acytyl Propionyl; or both.  It is *impossible* to produce the "rich, creamy, decadent, full-mouth experience" in eLiquid without diketones.  Such is life - everything that tastes good is bad for you.  Potential users are advised that there may be reason for pause due to an absence of longitudinal research which can provide adequate guidance with regard to the relative safety of inhaling eLiquid containing diketones.  As with all eLiquid regardless of the types of flavoring used, the user accepts the all liability and risk associated with vaping.  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SAFE VAPING.  Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.


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    Frenilla from Nicoticket. A review of this beautiful ejuice!

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  1. It's all I vape these days!!!

    Posted by J.S.lihn on 20th Dec 2014

    Love this product and the amazing service. They took the time to do thigs right.

  2. best vanilla ever

    Posted by winter on 19th Dec 2014

    I am a very picky vaper. I've been smoking one kind of juice everyday for the last year. I've tried many many other brands and other than this juice, i have never found a juice i could smoke more than one tank of. I now have two. For people wondering what this is like. Imagine natural vanilla without alot of sugary sweetness. Its the truest flavor I've had yet. Thanx nickoticket. If your looking for a sugary sweet vanilla then this isn't for you. Love it!

  3. One Word

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Dec 2014


  4. Frentastic

    Posted by Cullin on 16th Dec 2014

    So, I was extremely impatient with my first bottle of Frenilla and vaped the entire bottle FOOB... This left me unimpressed so I threw the other 15mL into the steep closet. This was back in August 2014. Well, I thought I would give it a try tonight... Holy schnikeys!!!!! It is a completely different juice now. It's absolutely fantastic. The vanilla is delicious and creamy, exactly as the description states. Do yourself a favor and order a 30mL of this stuff. I say 30mL because they may still have some LDPE's in stock that were mixed on 10/30/14! This means you will already have a 45 day steep on this amazing juice!

  5. No other vanilla can compete

    Posted by roshier on 15th Dec 2014

    Literally one of the best things period you will taste if steeped properly. I am vaping my new fresh bottle and its still completely addicting. Hands down my favorite eliquid to date.

  6. Nothing in the same league

    Posted by mitro on 10th Dec 2014

    There's Frenilla... and then there's everything else. No vanilla out there comes close. It a wonderful "fixer" for juices that need a little something extra, but don't dismiss its ability to stand alone. I mix it with all kinds of flavors but always have AT LEAST one atty for straight Frenilla.

  7. Frenilla..mmmmm!

    Posted by RebeccaM. on 10th Dec 2014

    I love my Strawnilla but I love my Frenilla just a bit less. Or maybe just the same. Maybe it's like having 2 kids...and you love them both but your first born is just a tad bit more special to you..or your youngest is your special baby..(I only have one teen baby so this is analogy is just.. well a hypothetical to me.) Anyway, Frenilla is TERRIFIC and I never want to run out of this magical juice. Is so Goooooood!

  8. Perfect Vanilla

    Posted by Matt B on 9th Dec 2014

    I have tried a ton of vanilla vapes and this one is my favorite by far. I am really glad it made a full time comeback to the lineup!

  9. Not sure?

    Posted by Andy on 3rd Dec 2014

    I must admit that I have not tried this juice by itself yet, I mix it with other juices. Before finding Nicoticket, I acquired a LOT of juice from many companies. Have 4 Nicoticket flavors now, and tried the H1N1 first. Glad I bought the 30ml fo these juices, because all of the flavors I've tried are excellent. The H1N1 was so good, I simply trusted that the Frenilla would be great, so ended up using it in my less flavorful juices to make them taste good. I am getting more H1N1 and trying the coffee juice next, and will be buying the largest size available. Can't go wrong with any of the juices from Nicoticket.

  10. Simply Shocking!!!! :)

    Posted by 69CamaroSS on 27th Nov 2014

    Frenilla, OH my MY MYYYY!!! Where do I start?!?! Like many others,move tried vanilla juices from MANY other vendors before I found out about NT! I'll NEVER order another from anyone else again!!! Clark's mysterious and magical of extracting his own vanilla from fresh beans sets Nicoticket MILES above any of the other juice makes and establishes Nicoticket easily as a true Premium Artisan juice maker. Nothing "fake" or "Candy-like" or "sickly-sweet" like those that simply pour in stock purchased flavorings into some PG/VG and call themselves "juice makers". If you like vanilla....REAL TRUE Vanilla....or even if you don't think you will, YOU MUST EXPERIENCE THIS MAGIC FOR YOURSELF!!!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 132 | Next

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