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No sampler pack?


I've run the numbers on samplers a dozen different ways and it just doesn't make sense for anyone.  Sampler packs, on average, run about $1US/ml (ours would, anyway).  Assuming we roll with the 10 flavors currently in the lineup, and we do 5ml samples (which would be a minimum size... I mean, how can anyone give any liquid a fair shot with less than that?) the sampler pack would run $60.   I'm not sure why anyone would choose a 50ml sample pack over (5) 15ml bottles for a lower price?  I'd pick 75ml over 50ml in a heartbeat!

If you are looking to sample a variety of our liquid, we reccomend...

Either CLS or CB - they are similar, the only exception being that CB has a shot of burnt caramel - both contain our in house vanilla bean extract.  If you like one, odds are you will also like the other.

Either GCD or Snickerdoodle Cookie- they both use the same bakery cinnamon base - Snickerdoodle Cookie adds the sugar cookie element - if you like one, odds are, you will like the other.

Either Betelgeuse or Gravity - Both are 4 fruit blends - make the choice based on your personal preference.  Very different profiles, however... these are great candidates to order BOTH (if you want to dive into a 5th bottle)

H1N1 - it's my ADV, so you should probably try it... #infected :)

What we've tried to do is make the smallest size bottle reasonably priced, just 53c/ml.  Truth be told, most first orders are for 50ml bottles since they are so competitively priced (44c/ml?) and, statistically, your pretty likely to be pleased with your $22 investment. 

Order a bottle.  If, for any reason you are NOT happy with the liquid... stop into our dedicated forum on ECF and see if we can help you find some synergy between your hardware, your build, and your liquid.  If all else fails and we have to resort to "taste is subjective and it's just doesn't do it for you" - our liquid is very much in demand on the ECF Classifieds, OR - pay it forward to a new vaper!