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The Cure (40/60)


Product Description

As the Infection evolves, so does The Cure.

We took an extra-large marshmallow and roasted it over a piping hot campfire. We made absolutely sure to get the edges slightly brown, just like you like it.  Then we took a generous amount of rich chocolate and "smooshed" it all between two slightly sweet graham crackers like a sandwich!  Melty s'mores in your left hand, and your favorite smoke in the other, this night around the campfire is one you will never forget.  This is the cure for a long work week.  Like The Virus that came before it, The Cure is firmly in the "dessert tobacco" category.  The Cure features our signature naturally-extracted tobacco base married with sweet golden graham crackers, fluffy marshmallows, and rich, dark, cocoa'ish chocolate.  If you prefer a more "milky" chocolate mix with Frenilla at a ratio of 20% Frenilla (approx) to 80% The Cure.  The liquid is finished with top notes of coconut, almonds, and vanilla.  Over time, the chocolate fades and the liquid balances revealing an intricately blended naturally extracted tobacco that emerges progressively over time.  The tobacco element is particularly prevalent in Kayfun style devices, if you still use one.  Mixes exceptionally well with all of our bakery and tobacco offerings.  Some get a dark chocolate liquour, especially fresh. This liquid is extremely complex - we recommend trying in a wide variety of devices!  Personally I prefer to drip The Cure since it is VG heavy.  This is intended to be a true "All Day Vape" (ADV)... the flavoring is "layered" to such end that the liquid continues to evolve throughout the day and throughout the life of the liquid.


If you purchase a 30ml or 60ml bottle, they don't come with a dropper - don't forget your 30ml Unicorn Bottles so you can just 'pour' the liquid into an easy to use LDPE bottle!!


* PG/VG Ratio = 40/60

Recommended Steep Time: Like the legendary Virus, no steep time is required.  That said, the tobacco element is faint when the liquid is fresh.  The chocolate is also a bit 'forward' when fresh.  The tobacco element will come forward and the liquid will balance over a period of 4-6 weeks.  Like all of our liquid - shake the bottle upon receipt, leave the bottle open overnight... recap, shake, and be cured!


Helpful reminder: Check LEAD TIME GUIDANCE before you order!~

Steeping: Don't know how to determine when your liquid was mixed?  CLICK HERE

Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.




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Hand Crafted in Omaha, NE (USA)

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  1. Smores! Yummy!

    Posted by DeAnne Bratcher on 17th Jan 2017

    Great product and they ship it fast.The Cure tastes just like smores and is so yummy. Thank you Nicoticket!

  2. I'm trying to like it.

    Posted by Brian Hruby on 1st Aug 2016

    I'm trying. I'm really trying here but its so hard.
    At first it tasted too perfumy. You know what I mean, right?
    I did the whole steep, air it out, shake it up, and kill a chicken thing and about a week later it was better but...
    So I get a bit of chocolate which is good but the vape is very "dry". Very emotionless. Impersonal.
    I capped it again. It has sat for at least another week and I will give it a go again really soon.
    Its an okay vape thus far but its not something I could vape at for more than a few hits. It just leaves me wanting more. So, in a way, its more like a gate way drug than a cure!

  3. All-time favorite

    Posted by wood on 18th Jul 2016

    There's just something about the Cure that's hard to beat. Been one of my favorites since ever since I tried it 2 years ago.

  4. Deliciously Complex

    Posted by Chocolips on 6th Jul 2016

    Definite tobacco with slightly sweet chocolate and graham cracker flavor. Each time I vape it, it changes a little. Very pleasant. Not too sweet. Keeps me interested!

  5. "The Cure"

    Posted by Lance Griffith on 21st Jun 2016

    As always, excellent Vape! This is one of my 2 all day Vapes - - the other is "Waconda"

  6. Why did I wait so long...

    Posted by Tim on 19th Apr 2016

    This is another ADV from Nicoticket.Great flavor out the box,but will let it steep and see how it changes.

  7. Thought CLS and Virus couldn't be beaten...

    Posted by Todd Helfrich on 18th Apr 2016

    The Cure is a unique and exceptional vape. This was a FOTW pickup that I will definitely reorder.

  8. うまい

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2016


  9. Chocolate all day!

    Posted by Eric on 1st Feb 2016

    I wasn't sure about this one at first. It was pretty dry coming out of my nautilus. I read on the site to add some frenilla (which I love) and ever since then I cant put it down. Milk chocolate all day. Its a bit of a coil killer because of the pg/vg blend but it tastes too good not to have it in my rotation.

  10. It's ok

    Posted by Molly on 6th Jan 2016

    Definitely not what I expected. Not a strong taste or a heavy liquid. Light and the flavors seem to be off in the background. That has advantages as to it would be a very good adv. Disadvantages as I really can't distinguish the flavors. Aged 2 months maybe that is too long, idk.

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