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The Virus - 60ml - Chubby Gorilla


Product Description


60ml "Chubby Gorilla" Bottle

The Virus isn't an eLiquid, it's a legend.  Infectiously delicious, the Virus has overtaken Custard's Last Stand as our best seller by a significant margin... and why?  Just like a real virus, our signature eJuice is constantly evolving.  Vaping enthusiasts have no choice but to endure the infection process as they experience the shifting flavors of chocolate, coffee, peanuts, honey, caramel, tobacco and maple syrup flavors.  No easy feat describing this liquid because it changes so much... What will you taste?  The reports are so varied that it's impossible to know until you try it yourself.  The Virus is a unique experience that can’t be replicated by any other eJuice on the market. The longevity and evolution of this eJuice sets it apart from its competitors. The changing flavors offer a different experience every hour - sure to keep vaping enthusiasts wanting more.

Help us spread The Virus by ordering now and sharing with your friends. Drip, test, vape, and reorder.


Winner: Best of ECF 2013 "Best Overall eLiquid" and "Best Tobacco." 

Winner: Best of ECF Members Choice Awards (2014) - "Best Tobacco" 





* PG/VG Ratio = 30pg/70vg

Recommended Steep Time: There's only one rule: NEVER, EVER, STEEP THE VIRUS.  Experiencing the evolution of this eLiquid is the reason you buy it!


Helpful reminder: Check LEAD TIME GUIDANCE before you order!~

Steeping: Don't know how to determine when your liquid was mixed?  CLICK HERE

Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.


Purchase and subsequent use of this product is governed by our Terms & Conditions of Use.  Please review the terms before purchasing or using this product.



Product Reviews

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  1. Great for ADV, everything I wanted the old virus to be

    Posted by Sizzla on 30th Apr 2018

    I, against all advice, always wait at least 6 weeks to try my juices. I have yet to try the custard or wakonda I ordered. Virus was the first to open. Its exactly what I loved about the original except its now thick and smooth, two things one could never say about the original.

  2. Un vrai All Day

    Posted by V Matthieu on 27th Apr 2018

    J'adore le virus. Un très bon tabac complexe tout en subtilité. C'est un vrai all day vape. Je le recommande vraiment.

  3. All day vap !

    Posted by Vasseur Matthieu on 26th Apr 2018

    J'ai découvert ce liquide il y a peu de temps. J'adore il est vraiment excellent. Très subtil, un goût incomparable. un vrai all day. Merci Nicoticket.

  4. The best of cigarette flavor.

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Apr 2018

    The best of cigarette flavor.
    I Love it
    A name would be carved in my history.

  5. Gooc but not the same

    Posted by rachel mcardle on 30th Mar 2018

    I have serious experience when it comes to Virus. I have vape very little else since nicoticket opened its doors and if there were some kind of technology that you tell you how many gallons i have vaped I'm sure it would be shocking. That said , the flavor is a welcome back to senses but it is a liquid far removed from the original h1n1 and noticeably different from the last itteration. The juice is still good and can still be considered an ADV by alot of vapers but not for me. This one is just coming up short. I have enough experience with it to know there is something more going on than just the vg/pg ratio change. In the early days when Nicoticket catered to their customers , they would mix bottles by hand in any ratio you asked for and this was my perfered ratio , so therd is more to it. Don't let my dissapointment sway you , its still good just not the same flavor that left us.

  6. Incredible!

    Posted by John on 23rd Mar 2018

    Holy Fucking Shit! I loved The Virus before, but when I saw the formulation changed to be 70/30, I broke out the RDA and found a new level of nirvana. Clark, you rocked this one right out of the park!

  7. Superb!

    Posted by Dave on 16th Mar 2018

    What else can be said about the Virus that hasn’t already been said? It’s so damn delicious and unique. The new blend is perfect for today’s devices! If you’re searching for the ultimate tobacco/dessert vape, you’ve found it with the virus. It’s never a flavor I want to try and describe to people because it literally changes flavors every time I hit it, but my favorite note is the tobacco extract. It’s so aromatic and bold. It leaves any room smelling like a sweet cigar/pipe smells. Absolutely an all time favorite for me.

  8. Virus is back!!!

    Posted by Dan S. on 16th Mar 2018

    Awesome to have my ADV back!!!
    Great change to the recipe

  9. Top of the line juice, I won’t vape anything else!

    Posted by Kurt Miller on 15th Mar 2018

    Ever since I found the virus I exclusively vaped it and nothing else, now that it’s back I’m ditching everything else to vape this and this only! Clark you’ve outdone yourself! Thank you!

  10. Virus

    Posted by Lonnie Dean Place on 14th Mar 2018

    You open the bottle and the aroma fills the air. You grab your favorite set up soak the cotton and coils down and prepare for ecstasy. There is not a juice on the planet that compares. Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavor. Vanilla with a hint of caramels. A slight coffee teaser on exhale. Perfectly blended. Nicoticket goes above and beyond with NET and Vanilla, only using the finest ingredients. Tobacco vape are my favorites. NT has the best tobacco in the industry! Tested on a Sigelei Top 1 mod at 100 watts on a Drop RDA. Duel 26g core 36k fused clapton @ .26 ohms. Good and warm! Do yourself a favor and order this juice and hold on for an experience You be never had!

  11. Good things come to those who wait

    Posted by SnowDog on 14th Mar 2018

    Man, I'll tell you what. It sure is good to have The Virus back! I managed to hold onto some until April 2017 but I haven't any Virus since then. PURE BLISS!!
    This version does seem slightly different but I can't really say since I haven't had it in almost a year. All I know is that it's back and it's fantastic! I'm really diggin' the new container too.
    Good stuff here, folks.

  12. The only one like it

    Posted by Mack on 13th Mar 2018

    Heaven knows how Clark came up with this mix (maybe divine intervention) but since my first vape of this years ago it has been my go to liquid. When I would tire of another I'd grab the Virus for total satisfaction. Since taste is individually subjective there is probably no better description of this joose than the one the man himself wrote.

  13. Not For Me

    Posted by Unknown on 13th Mar 2018

    Loved the old Virus, my adv. Like the extra tobacco shot but the PG/VG ratio in the new irritates the lungs to much.

  14. Better than ever!

    Posted by Peter Swanson on 13th Mar 2018

    First impressions of the new Virus:
    Vaping on a Wasp BF nano 4 wrap 32 gauge alien wire 3mm id @ .3 ohms on a Vandy Vape Pulse mod.
    I need to order more juice, this stuff is so good!
    I last vaped the virus almost exclusively on my Crown 1 tank and considered it the finest juice on the market. Since then, I've moved on to squonking. All the benefits of a dripper without the hassle. So take that for what it is. The industry is advancing and I think this new juice is perfect for all the new setups out there.
    With the Wasp I get full in your face flavor. It's like the old Virus on steroids. On the inhale I first get notes of vanilla and caramel followed quickly by the most amazing tobacco I've ever had. You have really outdone yourself on the tobacco base this time Clark! A baseline bakery cinnamon compliments the background but never competes with the star flavors, and there is just a hint of maple and yeast that I am sure will develop over time. I can't wait to see how this one ages. But I know for sure this bottle won't last very long. It's that good.
    Great job Clark! It was worth the wait.

  15. Best juice ever.

    Posted by Tim McBride on 10th Mar 2018

    There is none that is better.

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