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What strength of eLiquid should I buy?


What strength of Nicoticket eLiquid should I buy?

When it comes to choosing "the right eLiquid," one of the most important considerations is the amount of nicotine contained in your eLiquid. 

The nicotine contained in eLiquid is measured in milligrams of nicotine per milliliter, or mg/mL. Comparatively speaking, the actually amount of nicotine contained in your cigarette brand of choice will vary significantly depending on Brand, Flavor, and Strength.  If you are interested, a non-exhaustive list of the nicotine levels of various brands of analog cigarettes can be found >> here <<

Nicoticket offers several different options as it relates to the amount of nicotine contained in our eLiquids.  We offer the following as a general guideline to choosing a nicotine level:


0 mg/mL:  We carry 0mg because we believe you should have a "path to zero."  Some users employ 0mg to dilute other liquid with higher nicotine concentrations (IE, you come to find you prefer liquid with less nicotine and you have a ton of higher nicotine eLiquid left).  Some people continue to vape zero or near zero for a period of time to fulfill the hand to mouth action portion of "the addiction."  We do NOT recommend that non-smokers start vaping, even if it has no nicotine, as there is no substitution for clean, fresh, air.

3 mg/mL: Dripping territory for most folks.  I feel unfulfilled when I tank it, honestly - but just like flavor, the feeling of fulfillment is highly subjective.  Less is always better when it comes to nicotine, but most people start at 6mg and move to 3mg as they begin the inevitable reduction of nicotine level.  When this will happen for you is very dependent on having found a combination of hardware and liquid that suits your tastes.  Hardware will continue to advance - they are more efficient than ever so I can't NOT recommend people start with 3mg. 

6 mg/mL: We sell more 6mg eLiquid than any other nic level for a reason!  At this level the nicotine contributes to, but does not overwhelm, the flavor.  Recommended for most vapers who are using a variable wattage/voltage device and some kind of tank(sub-ohm or regular) or RDA.- this is the most versatile of the options in our opinion.

12 mg/mL: This is our most frequent recommendation for new vapers who are using NON-SUBOHM hardware. "Real smokers" who consume up to a pack a day. If you are a social smoker and work in an environment which only allows for a “15 minute smoke break"  - this isn't a bad option to have in your arsenal - sometimes getting lots of nicotine in a small window of time is desirable... simple as that.  Side note - having 6mg/mL eLiquid on hand may be advantageous for the times when you are able to relax and vape without time constraints.

18 mg/mL: This is being discontinued.  Given advances in hardware, we no longer recommend vaping eLiquid higher than 12mg.  If you feel like you need more, we can consult on strategies to increase nicotine absorption.




Unflavored nicotine has a slight “peppery” taste that increases significantly at the higher levels of concentration. We recommend using the MINIMUM level that provides satisfaction for you.  If there is any question about which level might be right for you, contact us for a free consultation and we will do our best to customize a solution that provides the maximum amount of satisfaction and enjoyment.